BTS J-Hope’s Childhood Friend Unveils Videos Of His Dancing Skills Before He Become A Trainee

Here’s little 12-year-old J-Hope’s dance skills!

BTS‘s J-Hope is a God of Dance as his dancing skills have been acknowledged on a global level. But was he just born a fantastic dancer or did he work his butt off to get to where he is today?

A childhood friend of J-Hope who went to the same dance academy as he did decided to unveil some never-before-seen videos of J-Hope’s dance skill before he even became a trainee!

The first video shows a young J-Hope, around age 12, auditioning at a dance academy. Despite his young age, he had mastered the art of popping!

The next video showed J-Hope a few years later, where his dance skills had clearly leveled up! He showcased a cleaner dance line and more eccentric moves.

And the final video appeared to be a short time later, but he had leveled up even more! J-Hope was able to use more space and his expressions through movement was deeper than before.

So was J-Hope a born dancer or someone who worked tirelessly to hone his skills? Clearly both!

His childhood friend who had attended the same dance academy as he confirmed that J-Hope was always good at dancing but he never stopped practicing to improve his skills!

He was always practicing hard, so I remember him as a cool oppa.

— Hayoon

And through all the blood, sweat, and tears, J-Hope eventually joined BigHit and became the heart of BTS’s dance line!

Check out the full video below: