A Video Of BTS Jungkook’s Sexy Legs Hits 1M Views And ARMYs Are Loving It

It’s Jungkook’s sexy legs. Need I say more?

A video from BTS’s SPEAK YOURSELF TOUR THE FINAL has captured the hearts of ARMYs, and its all because of Jungkook.

The video is a performance of BTS’s “Boy with Luv” at the Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on October 27. What was supposed to be just a fancam, has turned into a video about Jungkook’s sexy legs.





ARMYs couldn’t help but notice how sexy and long Jungkook’s legs were. With this, the video garnered tons of views since its upload. Currently, the video has surpassed 1M views.





How can you not take your eyes off of him though?









Here’s what fans have to say about Jungkook’s sexy legs.









Need I say more?








Source: theqoo