Video Captures CLC’s Seungyeon Supposedly Being Physically Assaulted By Male Staff Member

Fans think she was violently shoved.

CLC was able to pick up an award at the 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards (2019 SOBA) just a few hours ago, but an incident that happened before the show has put a damper on Cheshires’ spirits, and many are hoping for a statement from the company.

In a video that was taken backstage at the 2019 SOBA, Seungyeon can be seen walking down a hallway near the area where photos were being taken. As she approaches a room, a man, who fans believe to be a staff member of some sort whether he is from Cube Entertainment or 2019 SOBA, appears.

The man seemed to have timed his opening of the door perfectly with the woman’s approach. He grabs her and can be seen making two violent pushing motion in her direction.

Following the exchange, both people remain out of sight from the camera for a few seconds, before Seungyeon could be seen waking back towards the direction of the camera, talking to someone on her cell phone.

Cheshires around the world are voicing their displeasure with Cube Entertainment for letting something like this happen, and are demanding an explanation.

However, others believe that there were no ill intentions to be had in the exchange.

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