(★BREAKING) Video Captures Idol On “The Unit” Collapsing From A Panic Attack

​​A contestant from The Unit recently suffered a panic attack on the show and was rushed to the emergency room.
Seol Ha Yoon and her group (The Green Team) was judged on their song earlier in the day and was told that the song was not acceptable. The feedback caused the group to become very nervous and the members decided to go practice more.

The members were discussing what they should do to improve their performance at which point, Seol Ha Yoon began complaining about a mild stomach ache. The members, who knew that she suffered from a panic disorder began getting worried but Hayoon simply said her medication may not have kicked in yet and that she will be fine.

Suddenly however, Ha Yoon became pale and began complaining that her pain was worsening.


“I’m hurting so bad…..I’m hurting what do I do, I think I’m going to have a panic attack.”

– Seol Ha Yoon

​​After seeing her condition, her group-mates tried to comfort her, but she collapsed to the floor and was immediately rushed over to the emergency room.

Source: News 1