Video Captures Korean Teacher Risking Her Life To Save Her Students During Earthquake

One Korean elementary teacher set the perfect example of how to react in the case of an earthquake at school.

Image Source: The Korea Times

A middle school in Pohang was recently criticized as a teacher yelled at students trying to evacuate to remain in the class.

Image Source: The Hankyoreh

According to reports, the middle school teacher announced that it wasn’t an earthquake, and scolded them to stay and study.

Image Source: Earthquake Report

It was only after there was a visible crack in the ground that students began being evacuated out of the building.

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The elementary teacher, however, immediately told her students to run with their heads covered by their arms…

…and in the video, she can be seen staying behind, making sure every student was out safe and sound.

In September 2016, an earthquake with a 5.8 magnitude shook the town of Gyeongju, leading to schools adding earthquake drills to be practiced every 2 months.

Thanks to her quick thinking and drill practice, she was able to get all 165 of her students out in a matter of seconds.

“Since we’ve been practicing it consistently, I think I had muscle memory.”

— Lee Young Min

Watch the heroic moment below.

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