Video Captures White Man Sexually Assaulting Women On Japanese Subway

What a scumbag!

Japanese subways are known to be extremely packed. There are even people whose job is to push others onto the train. So it might not be a huge surprise that sexual assaults on the subway are pretty common.

In fact, it’s such a normal occurrence that there is even a Japanese word for groping on public transportation “chikan.”


Earlier this year, police expected to see a spike in the number of sexual assaults on school girls on the morning of their college entrance exams. Luckily, there were no spikes in the report.

Around the same time Kumi Sasaki, published a book about her six horrific years suffering sexual molestation on her way to school.


But now, the sexual assaults are gaining even more attention. A passenger on the subway caught one of these sexual predators on the prowl and taped him rubbing himself against a woman.


The woman who taped the event had previously been victimized herself by the same man. As he moved on from her, she whipped out her phone and taped the whole thing!


When she confronted the man, he showed no remorse for his actions. So her friend Billy Ho posted the video to Facebook telling other women to be careful and not to hesitate to report instances like this.


Many people have already shown their disgust at this man’s behavior.


So far the man hasn’t been caught, but when he is, this video will help put him away. See the whole disturbing video below.

Posted by Billy Ho on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Source: Billy Ho and NYTimes