This Video Of IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon Interacting With TWICE Members Is Giving Fans Serious SIXTEEN Flashbacks

Hugs were involved.

Chaeyeon competed alongside the current TWICE members on the survival show SIXTEEN which ended up creating TWICE. Chaeyeon was unfortunately eliminated early in the show but eventually, she debuted with IZ*ONE through Produce 48.

A video has emerged from the ending of KCON Japan which proves that Chaeyeon and TWICE haven’t forgotten about one another and ONCE and WIZ*ONE alike are loving it.

In the video, we can see IZ*ONE passing TWICE on the stage and as they move past one another, Chaeyeon gets an opportunity to greet her former labelmates. Dahyun and Jeongyeon managed to get full hugs with Chaeyeon even while everyone was rushing along.

Fans are overjoyed by this brief but wholesome interaction.