[★VIDEO] Cube Entertainment’s first multi-national girl group “CLC” to debut in 2015

On December 8th, Cube Entertainment announced that they would be starting a new project by debuting the first multi-national girl group under the name of CLC in early 2015.

CLC, also known as “Cube Girls,” will be the first girl group from Cube Entertainment since the debut of 4Minute five years ago. Although specific, concrete details of the group and their debut haven’t been revealed yet, netizens have put together a list of potential members and gathered information about the group.

The members are said to have gone through approximately two to four years of training and are still going through intensive evaluations. They are also said to have unique appearances and a variety of talents in vocals, dance, instruments, producing, composing, and songwriting.

One of their members, Sorn, a 19-year-old from Thailand, recently made an appearance on the December 7th episode of SBS’s special program When Charles Meets Chulsu. On the program, she revealed her daily training regimen, which consisted of lessons in Korean and vocal and dance training. In addition, she surprised many viewers as she showed off her guitar, vocal, dance, and Korean skills on the show.

It was also revealed that CLC have been doing non-profit street performances to help children with disabilities and that they’ve been volunteering and donating since they were trainees. Cube also revealed that the girls have also been cast as brand models since their trainee days and donated the money gained from their activities.

Check out some clips of the girls’ street performances and Son’s appearance on When Charles Meets Chulsu below!



Source: The Star