A Video Of Men Looking At Pictures Of Their Exes While Singing Day6’s “You Were Beautiful” Goes Viral In Indonesia

This song is their break-up jam.

The Day6 impact is everywhere!

Recently, Day6’s single “You Were Beautiful”, released in February 2017 as part of their monthly Every Day6 project, began soaring high on music charts.


Along with the song reaching viral status almost 3 years after its release, a video featuring the song soon went viral in Indonesia. The video showed a group of men gazing at photos of their exes while wistfully and passionately singing along to “You Were Beautiful”.


Along with the men who were extremely into the song, the people in the video were also lifting up this one man who seemed to be the most passionate vocalist of them all; singing atop his lungs, as well as the crowd of people!


The video has so far amassed around 1.3 million views, and the views keep increasing!


“You Were Beautiful” was initially released as part of Day6’s Every Day6 project, and was officially released as part of their first studio album Sunrise, which was a compilation album of 10 songs released through the project from January to May, with the addition of 4 more tracks.

Watch the MV here to celebrate its well-deserved success!