Video of Seongnam accident site during 4minute’s performance

In exclusive video footage from YTN News, it is apparent that during 4minute‘s performance at The 1st Pangyo Techno Valley Festival in Seongnam, 4minute was unaware about the fatal accident which resulted in 16 fatalities.

4minute was one of the performers for the Seongnam concert and while they were performing, a ventilation grate that fans were standing on collapsed. This fatal accident occurred on October 17th around 5PM. Korean news sites report that the audience was insistent on standing on the ventilation window to catch a better glimpse of the concert, although they were told not to do so.

The video shows that dust was billowing up after the ventilation grate has collapsed. Only the people near the ventilation window were aware about the accident; 4minute and the audience at the other side were oblivious to the situation. The concert continued, while a few people around the accident scene made a narrow escape and were given a helping hand back to safety.

According to the firemen, this accident led to 16 reported deaths and 11 people who are seriously injured, due to a free fall of around 10 to 20 meters (3 to 4 stories).

YTN News also reports that 27 people fell when the accident took place. 12 people lost their lives at the scene, while 2 others were pronounced dead on the way to the hospital. The other two lost their lives in the midst of receiving medical treatment. It has been verified that the fatalities in this accident were mostly between the age of 20 to 50 years old; there are no students who lost their lives.

Prime Minister Jung Hongwon has personally went down to the accident site around 10:30PM to review the situation and relay  instructions.

The victims from this accident are being rushed to CHA Bundang Medical Center, Bundang Jesaeng Hospital, and Samsung Hospital for immediate medical treatment.

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We express our regrets and condolences to the victims and families of this accident.


Source: YTN News