Vietnamese Boy Group FOR7 Accused For Allegedly Plagiarizing GOT7’s Concepts

The concepts are strikingly similar.

A new Vietnamese pop group called FOR7 has recently debuted in May of this year. However, after K-Pop fans discovered them, they have found quite a few similarities to the veteran boy group GOT7. The name alone makes fans question them, so now the group has been heavily accused of plagiarism and allegedly copying many of GOT7’s concepts and sounds.

The most recent accusation being from their music video teaser for “EM KHÔNG HƯ ANH KHÔNG YÊU.” The music video comes out on August 2, so it is unclear if the music video will include more similarities, but for now, fans have found it to be very close to GOT7‘s STUDIO CHOOM performance of “Poison.”

GOT7’s “Poison” performance. | STUDIO CHOOM/YouTube
FOR7’s “EM KHÔNG HƯ ANH KHÔNG YÊU” trailer. | Five6 Entertainment/YouTube 

Both concepts include empty rooms with dramatic and colorful lighting. Both groups also used a door with their logo as a prop where they would frequently walk through. Not to mention, some netizens pointed out that a few of the dance moves seemed alike.

GOT7’s “Poison” performance. | STUDIO CHOOM/YouTube
FOR7’s “EM KHÔNG HƯ ANH KHÔNG YÊU” trailer. | Five6 Entertainment/YouTube  

In FOR7’s debut music video for “ANH ĐỨNG ĐÂY TỪ CHIỀU,” fans claimed that there was a portion of the video where the background beat sounds identical to GOT7’s “You Calling My Name.”

Outside of music videos, even their concept photos have been reported to be copies of GOT7’s. Their concept photos for their most recent music video resemble the pink, airy, velvety vibe of GOT7’s Breath of Love: Last Piece.

GOT7s Concept Photos | @jaybnow_hr/Instagram
FOR7s Concept Photos |

Fans are furious as FOR7 has only come out with two songs so far, and both heavily resemble GOT7’s work. They are also nervous as the boys mostly manage themselves now and may not hear about this issue.

That being said, GOT7 has not yet made a statement on this group.