Koreans approve of the Cast for the Vietnamese version of “Descendants of the Sun”

The Vietnamese “Descendants of the Sun” remake is turning heads in Korea.

The first promotional poster for the Vietnamese version of the hit Korean drama Descendants of the Sun has fans of the original in China and Korea all giving their nod to the cast.


The 2016 drama was extremely popular in Korea, even boosting the morale and attitude towards the Korean army, and so popular in China that it produced “Taehu syndrome”. It broke viewing records, with the number of members of broadcast website iqiyi.com increasing by 5 million in just two months.

China produced a drama based on the story called The Best Choice, and Koreans did not seem super impressed with the remake.


Now, the Vietnamese version seems to have reignited fans’s interest in Descendant of the Sun remakes, with Chinese netizens excited by the initial posters.

  • “Can’t wait.”
  • “The Vietnamese actors are all pretty and handsome too.”
  • “I hope this is awesome as well.”


Meanwhile, Koreans are pleasantly surprised by the casting choice and are comparing the cast to the Chinese remake.

  • “They’re a better choice than the Chinese cast.”
  • “They’re really pretty??!!”
  • “Are Vietnamese people all this good looking?”
  • “Wow … I have never seen a Vietnamese girl before, but are all the idols so pretty? I don’t feel like it will be a wreck. The visuals might be better than the original.”
  • “The male actors are handsome.”
  • “The male actors are handsome like real soldiers… and the girls are pretty. I expected to laugh when I saw the posters but they’re all cool.”
  • “The guys look like real soldiers.”


Fans in both countries will have to wait to see what the drama has to offer, as no release date has been confirmed yet.

Source: Star News