Viewers mind-blown by EXID Solji’s vocals for “Maria” on “King of Mask Singer”

EXID‘s Solji has taken our breath yet again in her latest performance on MBC‘s King of Mask Singer with the track “Maria.”

Solji made a surprising return to the show after winning the special and pilot broadcast in February, and once again blew the audience away with her powerful and passionate vocals.

Now donning light-colored hair, as she prepares for EXID’s official comeback in just a few days, and a pretty red-orange dress, Solji donned the same colorful mask she wore in the special broadcast.

The stage begins softly and she takes off her mask at the height of the chorus for added effect, wowing fans with her powerful and undeterred vocals as the broadcast reveals the hardship she had endured to become a successful singer in the industry. Following the performance, a teary-eyed Hani is seen as she said, “I’m really proud of her.”

Since the pilot’s airing in February, Solji revealed that her appearance on the show “was a turning point in my life. Many elders recognize me as well now. Especially the fact that they sympathize with my life as a singer and listen to my song helped me.” 

She further revealed that she had initially thought the show was a simple singing competition, only to discover that she had to wear a mask only 10 days before the shooting. [Read more below the video.]

“I thought it was good in that you would only be judged by your singing, but on the other hand I discovered how difficult it was communicating with the band as well as getting your emotions across with a mask on. But I started my career as a ballad singer, and it was a chance for me to perform my favorite genre so I wanted to do my best. I was also worried that I may get eliminated when my profession is a singer.”

“I was so happy after shooting that I was recognized for my skills, but the reaction to the show was so phenomenal that I was taken aback. Many fans even looked up songs I sang previous to EXID. The thing I’m happy the most as a singer nowadays is that I have more opportunities to have people hear me singing.”

Netizens who caught the show praised Solji for her vocals once again, commenting, “Solji singing ‘Maria’ is daebak,” “Solji’s ‘Maria’ is really good,” “I hope Solji flourishes,” “I really like Solji’s ‘Maria.'”

Meanwhile, EXID is currently preparing for their comeback after “Up & Down,” and is set to release their mini-album AH YEAH on April 13th.

Source: Sports Donga and MBN Star