[★TRENDING] Violent soccer match between South Korea and Uzbekistan goes viral

A video of a soccer match between South Korea and Uzbekistan U-22 category has gone viral due to its violent nature. 

French publication Le Parisien published a report detailing the event stating, “In a match during The King’s Cup, an instance took place where the fact that ‘soccer is played with one’s feet’ seemed to have been forgotten.” During a match between the under-22 national teams, a player from Uzbekistan retaliated to a tackle with three punch to a Korean player, while another imitated a “kung-fu kick” against another player. The incident further dubbed the Uzbekistan team to be the most violent team in the world.

British online tabloid Mirror Online, on the other hand, posted a video of the incident and revealed that, “The Uzbekistan national team proved that they are the most violent soccer team in the world.” 

In a statement, a representative from the Uzbekistan team apologized saying, “We would like to first say that there is no conflict with the Korea Football Association. We talked on the phone with Korea Football Association with regards to the unethical and shocking incident that took place and we have reprimanded the national team and the coaching staff. There will be repercussions and we will do what is necessary to keep the relationship between us and Korea Football Association amiable.”


Source: Star Today