VIPs get scammed due to BIGBANG’s high popularity

It is extremely difficult to get tickets to the hottest K-Pop concerts, and some have taken this opportunity to scam unknowing fans.

With BIGBANG making a tour stop in Hong Kong next month, fans have been looking all over for tickets, as good seats were sold out in a record time despite there being three shows in the city. Knowing this, some have taken to social media websites such as Instagram to offer tickets at a slightly higher-than-normal price, but have simply vanished after receiving payment from fans.

In one instance, a scammer hired an unknowing 14-year-old fan to gather buyers. After rounding up 10 friends and eight netizens for the purchase, the fan transferred over $30,000 HKD (approximately $3,870 USD) to the scammer’s bank account.

When the fan followed up with the scammer, the scammer used excuses such as “I’m getting the tickets soon” and “I’m pregnant so it’s a bit inconvenient right now” to avoid actually sending the tickets.

At this time, there are three known cases reported to police, involving fans aged 14 to 25, 39 tickets, and over $50,000 HKD (approximately $6,450 USD).

This is not the first time fans have been scammed as they desperately try to get a ticket to see their favourite star. Back in March, a similar fraud scheme involving CNBLUE’s Yonghwa also made the headlines.

Source: Yahoo! Hong Kong