After Going Viral For Swearing In A K-Drama, Apink’s Eunji Shares How She Feels About Doing It IRL

She recently swore in a scene that gained lots of attention, and now talks about doing it IRL!

Apink‘s Eunji had a scene in her most recent web series where she cursed savagely, and she has now revealed her thoughts on swearing IRL!

Eunji | @artist_eunji/Instagram

Apink recently appeared as guests on Jessi’s Showterview, where they brought laughter to everybody on set!

They also talked about their personal and professional lives, and in the show’s individual member segment, Jessi and Choi Jung Shik interviewed Eunji about hers!

They first brought up Eunji’s iconic scene in her latest web series, Work Later, Drink Now, where she swears at her friend (played by former Secret member Han Sunhwa) during a fight!

The most famous scene is where I’m fighting with my friend! I was taking my friend’s side, but she acts like she knows nothing.

Her line was, ‘You assh*le’. So I replied, ‘So what, you son of a b*tch?’


Choi Jung Shik then asked her if she swears IRL, and Eunji confirmed that she definitely does when she needs to, such as while driving!

Yeah, I swear in real life when I need to! I swear often behind the wheel! When driving I hate it when I feel threatened.


In stressful situations like that, it’s good to know she lets loose sometimes!

You can watch it here!

And look forward to the release of Apink’s special album Horn and title track “Dilemma” on February 14!

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