Netizens Liken Viral TikToker To P1Harmony’s Keeho

“It’s giving Keeho in another font…”

A viral TikToker is being compared to P1Harmony‘s leader Keeho.

Keeho | FNC Entertainment 

TikToker Prayag (@444pray on TikTok) recently went viral with a video due to his phrase “It’s the way you act” while dancing. At the time of writing, the video has garnered 13.7M views.

I’m always gonna like your story, even if we stop talking. The problem was never how you look… It’s the way you act.

— Prayag


Its the way you acttt

♬ original sound – Prayag

Netizens love Prayag’s sassiness and charisma. He frequently posts videos filmed in his car and responds to followers’ comments.


I’m the real deal

♬ original sound – Prayag


Replying to @whO? forever sassy

♬ original sound – Prayag

Yet, since he’s blown up on TikTok, many of the top comments on his recent videos have mentioned another name: Keeho. K-Pop fans are comparing Prayag and Keeho, likening their vibes and “sassy personalities.”


Literally brothers…#kpopfypシ #kpoptiktok #whatcanisay #keehop1harmony

♬ original sound – vae⭐️

One thing that both Keeho and Prayag have in common is that they’re both actually from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


We will stress you out we are very annoying

♬ original sound – Prayag


it finally happened :’) keeho was so excited to show them every little thing and the members got to see the place where their leader grew up #p1harmony #p1ece #kpopfyp #kpop

♬ original sound – minnytak

So, maybe it’s a Toronto thing!

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