TXT Go Viral For “Pantless” Performance

A resurfaced performance has gone viral for the funniest reason.

A resurfaced TXT performance is going viral for an unexpected reason.


A MOA (@mwamoa on TikTok) shared a brief screen recording from another’s video clip of TXT performing “Magic” during their ACT : LOVESICK in Korea concert on February 7, 2022.

The TikTok posted by @mwamoa quickly went viral with over 3M views and 627.5K likes at the time of writing. They pointed out the unfortunate color of the TXT members’ pants.


NEVER. NEVER FUCKING EVENMR. OUT THEM IN THOSE PINK PANTS AGAIN #mwamoa #txt #moa #kpop #fyp #parati #trend #trending

♬ Magic – 투모로우바이투게더 (TOMORROW X TOGETHER)

Others stitched and replied to the TikTok, agreeing with the OP (Original Poster) that at first glance, TXT appeared pantless due to the color of the pants.

| @mwamoa/TikTok

#stitch with @mwamoa MY STOMACH

♬ Magic – 투모로우바이투게더 (TOMORROW X TOGETHER)


TXT did actually go on to wear the same outfits, including the now-infamous pink pants, on their world tour. So, it seems to be that certain lighting just doesn’t work out for them.

Source: mwamoa