Virtual K-Pop Group K/DA Will Be Getting A Fandom Name And Official Lightstick

Get your hands on one today!

Virtual K-Pop group K/DA is a group made up of characters from League of Legends including Ahri, Akali, Kai’sa, and Evelynn.

| @KDA_MUSIC/Twitter

The vocals for the members are sung by (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon and Miyeon, as well as Madison Beer, Bea Miller, and Jaira Burns. This group made their debut with the single POP/Stars in 2018.

Now two years later, the group released a pre-release single titled “The Baddest” on August 27.

With this new style K-Pop group being well-received by fans, they have officially opened their fan club and fandom name! Fans of K/DA will now be called BLADES! The first recruitment for BLADES will be from September 27-October 31.

Not only do they now have a fandom name, but they’re also getting their own official lightstick too!

Take a look at their newest single below!