VIVIZ Effortlessly Slay 2X Speed Dance Of “BOP BOP!”

The reigning queens of 2x speed showed us how it’s done once again.

VIVIZ made their debut on February 9th with the release of their mini album Beam Of Prism featuring the title track “BOP BOP!”

VIVIZ | @VIVIZ_official/Twitter

One of the stops they made on the promotion train was of course to the classic program Weekly Idol.

| @VIVIZ_official/Twitter

While on the show, the girls were asked to attempt a 2x speed dance of their title track “BOP BOP!”

Newer K-Pop fans may not know this, but during their time as GFriend members, the girls originated the now-pervasive trend when they danced to their 2016 track “Rough” in 2x speed at a fan’s request.

Over the years, they performed many 2x speed dances of their songs, including “Navillera,” which now has over 36 million views.

So naturally, this 2x speed dance was a total cinch for them as well! Even though the original tempo of the song is high, the girls dance as easily as if there were no speed difference at all. You can watch them nail “BOP BOP!” at double speed below.