VIVIZ Serve Up Funky, Colorful Fun In “BOP BOP!” Concept Videos

We are way too excited for this song to drop.

Three-member girl group VIVIZ, composed of EunhaSinB, and Umji (previously of GFriend), is set to debut under BPM Entertainment on February 9th, 2022, with their debut mini album Beam Of Prism.

VIVIZ for GQ | @VIVIZ_Official/Twitter

The title track of the album is called “BOP BOP!” This week, the group has been releasing concept videos to help get fans excited and clue them in on what kind of song the girls will release.

“Beam Of Prism” teaser image | @VIVIZ_Official/Twitter

In the teaser images, each girl seems to be assigned a specific color: purple for Eunha, blue for SinB, and red for Umji. This tricolor theme also carries over into the concept videos.

All three members in Umji’s concept video | BPM Entertainment/YouTube

Based on the teasers, this track seems like it’s going to really lean into this theme of colors. The album’s title also lends itself well to this concept, implying that the colors may be reflective of a beam of light refracting through a glass prism.

The glittery makeup worn by the girls in their videos also lends to the whimsy of the concept.

Eunha | BPM Entertainment/YouTube
SinB | BPM Entertainment/YouTube
Umji | BPM Entertainment/YouTube

Each video is underscored by the same short segment of the song: a funky bassline with energetic drumbeats that dissolves in a catchy lyrical hook. All the elements revealed so far see to be coming together for a phenomenal debut, and we definitely can’t wait another minute for this sure pop perfection to hit the charts!

Source: BPM Entertainment