VIVIZ’s SinB And Umji Are Best Friends, But It Wasn’t That Way When They First Met

Fortunately, now they’re the best of friends!

VIVIZ‘s SinB and Umji are incredible friends who have been promoting together for seven years.

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Even though VIVIZ was given the option of not living in a dorm, SinB, Eunha, and Umji are so close that they actively choose to still live together.

VIVIZ’s SinB, Eunha, and Umji | Diggle/YouTube 

But, even though the two are as close as sisters now, that wasn’t always the case. In a recent interview on “TheKstarNextDoor,” SinB admits that she wasn’t a fan of Umji when they first met.

The interviewer, Jonathan, prompts SinB, asking if it was really true that she “didn’t like Umji.”

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And SinB doesn’t hide that, at first, she disliked Umji a little bit.

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But SinB quickly clarifies that she only disliked her “for a bit.”

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And while it’s hard to imagine the two idols not getting along, SinB explains that it’s because of how they first met.

SinB explains that when they first met, she had been “a trainee for a long time.”

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But, in contrast, “Umji just started as a trainee, but was assigned to debut.”

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“So since [SinB] was young, [she] didn’t really like that.”

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She felt it was unfair that another trainee who hadn’t been working as dedicatedly for as long was getting the same opportunity she had worked so hard to achieve.

So SinB admits that she “wasn’t happy about that.”

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And Umji shares that she definitely understands how SinB was feeling at the time. Admitting that she “[thinks] anyone would think that way.”

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But fortunately, SinB “[doesn’t] hold grudges.”

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So her slight dislike of Umji “was just in the beginning” of their relationship, and the two quickly became friends.

You can read more about VIVIZ’s interview here.

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