VIVIZ’s Umji, Eunha, and SinB Share How Their Lives Changed During Their Hiatus

Fans have been curious about what they’ve been up to.

GFRIEND‘s UmjiEunha, and SinB are taking on the rookie life once again as members of Big Planet Made Entertainment‘s (also known as BPM) newest girl group, VIVIZ. As the girls prepare for this new journey as a trio, they have been looking back over what the past year after GFRIEND has brought for them.

VIVIZ | Big Planet Made Entertainment

During an interview at Seoul Fashion Week where the trio were models, each member was asked what they’ve been doing during their hiatus leading up to VIVIZ’s debut.

The first to answer was SinB, who explained that she’d been using her time away to hone her craft as a singer.

After taking a long break, I figured that it was about time to get back to my career and work diligently so I’ve been working to improve on my skills.

–– SinB

SinB | @GFRDindonesia/Twitter

For Umji, the most significant change came from the shift in lifestyle as she went from 7 years as a singer back to “normal life.”

It’s been a long while since I went back to a normal life routine for such a long time. I think I spent this time very differently compared to the last 7 years. When you’re incredibly busy, your biorhythms fluctuates.

–– Umji

Umji | @GFRDindonesia/Twitter

Eunha shared Umji’s struggles with fluctuating biorhythms and revealed that she had been practicing and enjoying her rest.

Since I tend to go to bed at dawn, in the morning, so I would watch TV and rest. I also took time to practice, worked out, and stuff like that.

–– Eunha

Eunha | @GFRDindonesia/Twitter

We wish VIVIZ the best of luck as they prepare for their upcoming debut. To see more from their interview, check out the video below: