Ravi’s Aquaintance Confirms Relationship With Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon While Agency Denies

Ravi’s agency has denied the rumors.

Previously, media officials reported that Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and VIXX’s Ravi have been dating for over a year.

| SM Entertainment

While Taeyeon’s agency SM Entertainment denied the rumors, Ravi’s aquaintance stated that “it is true that these are dating. Please refrain from false speculative articles so that the two can continue dating comfortably.”

Reports revealed the two enjoying their holidays at Ravi’’s house as it was hard to go outside due to COVID-19.

Ravi was spotted at Taeyeon’s house in Sungsoo-dong around 10 AM KST on Christmas day. The two then headed back Ravi’s house located near Sunreung. Photos from their date were released online.

| joynews24

A mutual friend of both Ravi and Taeyeon stated that the two were first introduced to each other last winter and began dating after confirming each other’s feelings for one another.

However, Ravi’s agency GROOVL1N released an official statement confirming that the dating rumors are false. “The two are just close colleagues who became close after working together. Please refrain from releasing speculative articles. Please keep a look out for more activities from Ravi in the future.”

Source: joynews and tenasia