VIXX’s Ravi Says He’s The 2nd Idol With The Most Copyrighted Songs, Reveals Who The First Is

Can you guess how many songs he’s written?

VIXX‘s Ravi shared his impressive achievements in the March 4 episode of KBS‘s Hello Counselor.

He clarified the host’s assumption that he was among the highest paid songwriting idols. Instead, Ravi shared that he has one of the most songs copyrighted under his name.

I’m not number three in music royalties. If it were true, I’d be wearing more jewelry today.

– Ravi

Going into the details of his achievement, the rapper knew exactly how many songs he has written.

I’m third place when it comes to the number of songs [that are copyrighted]. I now have 126 songs copyrighted under my name.

– Ravi

He further detailed how he will increase his ranking to second place after his new album is released.

With my new album, I’ll have 133 songs copyrighted to my name.

– Ravi

Ravi expounded on his song ownership again in MBC‘s Radio Star, revealing that G-Dragon has copyrighted the most songs among idols. The Korea Music Copyright Association revealed in 2018 that the BIGBANG leader had 172 songs under his belt.

Ravi also explained the importance each song he wrote has to him.

There is a misconception that I want to win based on quantity, but each song is precious to me. While I may never have a hit song, I won’t regret the time I put into my songwriting either.

– Ravi

Source: Naver