VIXX Ravi shocks fans by introducing his girlfriend on Instagram

VIXX‘s Ravi has given fans a heart attack following an update on his Instagram.

On September 16th, VIXX’s rapper Ravi nearly gave fans a heart attack when he showed off a picture of his “girlfriend” on Instagram.

One picture shows him putting his arm around a girl with long beautiful brown hair.

Images: Ravi and his “girlfriend” / @rravii0215

However, the rapper uploaded a video soon after, which showed the “woman”‘s true identity. “She” is none other than VIXX’s main vocal Ken!

It seems like the two idols were joking around and trying to pull a prank on their fans by having Ken dress up like a woman. It’s no wonder if some fans were fooled though, because Ken pulls off the look really well and actually looks quite beautiful!

Check it out for yourself below.

Image: Ravi unveils the face of his “girlfriend” Ken! / @rravii0215

Image: Ken winking at the camera and showing off his girlfriend look / @rravii0215


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