Chillin Homie To Have Debut Performance With Ravi’s GROOVL1N At Event In Japan

Expectations are high for the one night event.

VIXX‘s Ravi, who is CEO of his own record label GROOVL1N, will be holding the first-ever “GROOVL1N LAUNCHING PARTY IN JAPAN” event.

GROOVL1N is a portmanteau word, composed of “GROOVE” and “GOBLIN”. Ravi is the label’s leading artist, but other famous artists signed to the label include Cold Bay, who is known for his popular cypher video on YouTube and R&B vocalist Xydo. Most recently, he signed Chillin Homie, who was on SHOW ME THE MONEY and attracted a lot of attention.

Chillin Homie will be introduced in the Japan event and a live performance that is uniquely GROOVL1N can be expected. Expectations are high for the one-night premium event where you can experience the essence of the GROOVL1N team, led by artist and producer Ravi.

The event will be held on December 10 in Tokyo, with tickets to go on sale from October 30 at Lawson convenience stores in Japan.

Source: kstyle