VIXX wows crowd at the “10th KKBOX MUSIC AWARDS” in Taiwan

VIXX is the first K-Pop group to perform at the annual KKBOX MUSIC AWARDS held in Taiwan, and the group didn’t disappoint the crowd with their amazing performance!

On February 11th, the group’s agency released a statement saying, “VIXX was officially invited to Taiwan’s representative awards show, KKBOX MUSIC AWARDS, that took place on February 8th. This year marks KKBOX MUSIC AWARDS’ 10th year since launching and VIXX is the first Korean artist to attend the awards ceremony.

On the awards show, which was broadcast live all over the world online, VIXX performed to their hit songs “Error” and “Eternity,” as well as popular Taiwanese singer Jay Chou’s “Starry Mood” in Mandarin.

The group earned a lot of praise from the public for taking up the challenge of singing a Mandarin song on live broadcast. Fans also complimented them on showing good Mandarin pronunciation despite not knowing the language fluently, as it shows that the group members put a lot of effort into learning the song.

Meanwhile, VIXX is set to release their special single album Boys Record on February 24th.

Relive their performance below:

Source: TV Report