Vocal Trainer Picks TWICE’s Jihyo As Her Most Memorable Student

Jihyo’s vocals have been praised by a vocal trainer.

Youtube channel Studio V released a video titled, ‘Best Student Taught By Vocal Trainers.’ Vocal trainer #2, Kim Sung Eun, revealed that her best student was TWICE’s Jihyo.




She explains that although the group has a set concept in terms of genre, the members do enjoy practicing other styles as well.

While working on Melody Project, Kim Sung Eun recommended Jihyo to do something acoustic. Jihyo ended up singing with an acoustic band, live chorus with no playback.

She sang five songs that were not her usual genre of music along with an edited version of “TT” and was able to go through them all without much editing.




Here is Jihyo singing some of her songs for Melody Project:



Here is Jihyo singing the edited version of “TT.”




Kim Sung Eun commented, “Her vocal pitch was good to the point where you didn’t have to change much. She looked like someone who came prepared as she took the stage so easily.”

Watch the full video below:


It’s no doubt that Jihyo’s voice is truly talented!