BTS Goes Behind The Scenes Of Their VMAs’ “Dynamite” Stage

A new making film has been released.

You’ve seen the performance. Now it’s time to draw back the curtain and step into the making of BTS‘s stage for the VMAs!

| Vogue/Youtube

This year, BTS performed their barrier-breaking song “Dynamite” at the Video Music Awards (VMAs). They also took home all four of the awards they were nominated for: “Best Group”, “Best K-Pop”, “Best Pop”, and “Best Choreography” for “ON”.

| @vmas/Twitter

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group could not perform in person. Instead, they sang and danced in a CGI cityscape that transported viewers to Seoul and New York.

| Vogue/Youtube

The entire stage was green-screened to create an immersive end result, which allowed BTS to travel without leaving home.

During the shoot, the members were as meticulous as always.

| Vogue/Youtube

They paid close attention to detail to make sure everything (and everyone) was in sync to create a polished performance.

Their dedication definitely paid off!

Watch the video here: