Vogue Korea Editor Teases New Cover With BTS’s Jimin

We can’t wait!

Following the announcement of his solo debut, BTS‘s Jimin fans have been treated to a variety of activities from their idol this month. From becoming Tiffany&Co‘s new brand ambassador to his latest Dior photoshoot — that graced multiple covers — the BTS star is everywhere.

| @dior/Twitter

Earlier today Jimin also released his songs, which were previously exclusively on SoundCloud, on other streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. “Promise” and “Christmas Love” immediately topped the charts, reaching the top 10 in the US iTunes store.

More surprises are seemingly on the way for ARMYs, as the recent Instagram story update from Vogue Korea‘s Editor-In-Chief Kwangho Shin teased a collaboration with Jimin.


| @shinkwangho/Instagram

The ‘real deal’, coming up tomorrow!

— Shin Kwangho

The Instagram story was essentially a collage of six fan-edited Jimin Vogue covers, likely why Shin mentioned the potential collaboration as the “real deal.” The pictures on the fan-edited covers are taken from different BTS-related photoshoots and even comeback teaser images. Despite this, they look extremely real, proving the power of Jimin’s photogenic lines and ARMYs’ editing skills.

One of the edited covers was Jimin’s image teaser for “Love Yourself: TEAR” | BIGHIT MUSIC


Some ARMYs themselves had to ask to make sure the covers weren’t real!

As soon as fans noticed the teaser by Shin Kwangho, the internet exploded. ARMYs took to Twitter to theorize that the upcoming collaboration must be a new Vogue Korea cover featuring Jimin.

Someone suggested the new cover might give us the first look at Jimin’s infamous back tattoo, and ARMYs’ reactions were priceless.

The only “concern” amidst all of this excitement seems to be the fact that the cover might have pictures from the same photoshoot Jimin has been gracing other magazine covers with.

Either way, ARMYs will enjoy this new cover that will surely become iconic and take the internet by storm.

| @dior/Twitter