Vogue Korea Comes To Tiffany’s Defense With Savage Comments About Paid Promotion Allegation

She is just a huge fan of the brand.

Recently Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany filmed a What’s in my Bag video with Vogue Korea and received a bit of criticism for certain items in her bag.

In the video, she reveals what items she carries in her bag on a daily basis from car keys, accessories, makeup, and more.

But some netizens started to leave comments about possible paid promotion items in the video.

This was due to her showcasing several items from the same brand, Valentino. Items including a bag, wallet, and bracelet were shown from this brand.

She was also seen at this brand’s pop-up store event this past October, making netizens more suspicious.

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But in the video, Tiffany emphasizes that this is not an advertisement and that the bracelet was gifted by member Taeyeon for her birthday.

She also straight up lets netizens know that she did not receive any support from the brand and is just a genuine fan of the brand.

Vogue Korea stepped up to Tiffany’s defense and revealed that there were no paid promotions in the video. “We would love to make money with paid promotions but this video was filmed using only Tiffany’s personal items.”

Source: dispatch

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