“She Sounds Exactly Like Them”: “The Voice” Contestant Goes Viral For BLACKPINK Cover

Netizens can’t believe the similarities!

A singing show contestant is going viral.

The Voice of Germany is a reality singing talent show adapted from The Voice of Holland and its American series. Currently, Giovanni Zarrella, Bill & Tom Kaulitz, Shirin David, and Ronan Keating are the coaches who judge contestants.

In the blind auditions, the coaches are looking for the best for their team. With their backs to the stage, they have to rely on only their hearing. Only when a chair turns around is the talent in the next round.

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On a recent episode, Lanya Al Gumur auditioned with a cover of BLACKPINK‘s hit song “How You Like That.” Although a solo artist, Lanya sang all four parts of the members, impressing with both vocals and rap skills.


Lanya ist großer K-Pop-Fan und möchte bei ihrer Blind Audition mit dem Song “How You Like That”, der Girlgroup Blackpink punkten. 😍 #tvog

♬ Originalton – The Voice of Germany – The Voice of Germany

Despite being a clear all-rounder, not one judge turned their chair. We guess they’re not K-Pop fans…

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While Lanya might not have been able to cement herself on the show by getting a chair to turn, they certainly got everyone at home’s attention. Lanya’s audition of “How You Like That” went viral on TikTok with 3.1M views at the time of writing. Netizens were shocked by how similar Lanya sounded to the BLACKPINK members, especially Rosé. They couldn’t believe that no judge chose Lanya.

Hopefully, this isn’t the last we hear of Lanya!

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