V’s Childhood Friend Reacts To BTS’s New Song, “Idol”

“During high school when I was a trainee, I was close and practiced with a member of BTS named Taehyung!”

In celebration of BTS’s brand new comeback song and music video, “Idol”, Koreaboo sat down with V’s friend from his trainee days, Eunmi, to see what she thought.


Eunmi revealed from the outset that she and V were actually close and trained together while they were in high school and that she’s been rooting for the group all along!


Naturally, she was blown away by the intense imagery throughout the video…


And the catchy tune also had her dancing along with the rest of us!


But she was just as perplexed as the rest of us by the recurring theme of giraffes.


Having known V and BTS for a long time, Eunmi was quickly able to decode a few messages from the song and music video, particularly the hardships they’ve endured along the way.


The image of V trying to escape all the pointing fingers really stuck…


Eunmi observantly concluded that BTS is really a group that is trying to teach life lessons and morals to their listeners.


She closed with this sage thought:


Eunmi was part of the idol group Real Girls Project (formed for IDOLM@STER KR) and currently works as an actress.


Watch the entire video below: