VT Reveals BTS Perfumes With Amazing Photos And Fans Can Almost Smell The Scents


VT Cosmetics has always been actively promoting the new BTS perfume line, created in collaboration with the famous perfumer Frederic Burtin, but the brand’s latest tweets of the members’ photos for their respective scents has really blown up the fans’ anticipation for the product’s launch!


In a series of tweets, VT Cosmetics revealed RM, Jin, Suga, and J-Hope‘s pictures – styled to match the scent that each of them represents. And these pictures capture the members’ vibes and the idea behind the scents so well that ARMYs can almost imagine what the perfume must smell like!


RM is, according to the tweet, the person behind “Eau de Bois”, or the scent of wood. In the picture, RM is slaying the Earthy, masculine, and mature look – suited up and dressed to kill. ARMY can’t get enough out of this picture because RM simply looks perfect!


Jin is “Eau de Coton”, or the scent of cotton, and ARMYs agree. In his picture, Jin is dressed in all white, standing in an all white room, looking out a window like an angel. And for some reason, ARMYs can almost – just almost – pick up on the warm, cozy scent of cotton.


As for Suga, he got a whole color after him. As “Eau de Vert”, or the scent of “green”, Suga posed in his picture surrounded by greenery – and he looks like a fairy of the forest. While compared to the scent of cotton or the scent of wood, the scent of “green” may sound vague – ARMY knows that if anything, Suga is the green scent.


Last of the four scents and pictures revealed, but never the least, J-Hope is “Eau de Citrus”, or the scent of citrus. As far as anything citrus scented goes, it is often found to be refreshing, revitalizing, and energetic. So truly, J-Hope best suits the scent! And ARMYs love how intriguing J-Hope looks in the picture – just like the scent of citrus.


The other three members, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, are yet to be tweeted. Fans are keeping their eyes glued to the brand’s Twitter account for the first look at the remaining members’ pictures! Meanwhile, the first four scents are being very well received by the ARMY as well.



The actual perfume products are set to launch May 30, 2019.