(★BREAKING) “Waikiki” Co-Stars Lee Yi Kyung and Jung In Sun Have Broken Up

They have ended their relationship

Less than 2 months after Lee Yi Kyung and Jung In Sun confirmed they were dating, the couple has reportedly parted ways.

(★BREAKING) “Waikiki” Co-Stars Lee Yi Kyung And Jung In Sun Confirmed To Be Dating


The couple had been dating for around 1 year, but have decided to end their relationship and instead remain friends.


Both Lee Yi Kyung and Jung In Sun have received much more interest from the public following Waikiki and because of this, their schedules became much busier, leaving them less time together.


Fans were surprised to hear the two were dating as in the drama, both actor’s characters were in love with a different co-star, not each other.


Jung In Sun’s agency C-JeS Entertainment has confirmed the couple recently broke up.

“It’s true that Jung In Sun and Lee Yi Kyung recently broke up. We don’t know exactly why they broke up. It will be difficult to confirm as it is part of their private life.” — C-JeS Entertainment

Source: Viva100 and Sports Donga