“Waikiki” PD Reveals He Didn’t Know That Lee Yi Kyung And Jung In Sun Were Dating

PD Lee Chang Min says that Lee Yi Kyung And Jung In Sun didn’t act like a couple on set.

Waikiki‘s PD, Lee Chang Min, has stated that he was unaware of Lee Yi Kyung‘s and Jung In Sun‘s relationship because they did not go on dates while filming the drama.


The production director was just as surprised as everyone else was when the dating news broke. He said, “I didn’t believe it when I first heard that they were a couple.”


Lee Chang Min doesn’t believe that any of the cast or crew members knew about the relationship since the couple didn’t show signs of being romantically involved. At the time, both actors were immersed in their work.


Since Lee Yi Kyung’s character (Lee Joon Ki) and Jung In Sun’s character (Han Yoon Ah) filmed separate scenes, they only met in the Waikiki guesthouse. Any romantic clues would have been difficult to spot.


The director only wishes the best for the lovely couple as their talent and driven passion inspired him during their filming.

“They are both good actors. I hope they cherish each other and continue to meet well. They got public attention for this drama, so I hope they promote often in the future and do well (activity wise)” — Lee Chang Min

Source: OSEN