Man Gets Sentenced To 10 Months In Prison For Threatening To Kill Actor Wang Suk Hyun

He will be going to jail.

A man (A), who was indicted for defamation of character and threatening to kill actor Wang Suk Hyun, has been sentenced to 10 months of imprisonment.

“A” had claimed he was suffering from Asperger syndrome, a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, but the court ruled that his condition was not deemed as insanity.


The court announced the reasons for the defendant being guilty of his charges.

In August 2017, he committed a crime and on December 20, 2018 during his probation period, he called the victim’s school and spread false information claiming that the victim stole belongings. On the same day, he called the victim’s school and agency pretending to be a person related to the victim and threatened to ‘kill him’. As a result, the defendant has been found guilty.

ㅡ Court


The court further clarified that while the defendant’s Asperger syndrome has been acknowledged, his condition was not deemed as insanity.

The defendant is considered to have committed the crime while suffering from Asperger syndrome. He received treatment for Asperger syndrome with autistic disorder when he was in his 3rd year of high school. The defendant’s excessive obsession over the victim also seems to be a symptom thereof. The defendant is currently seeking employment after completing a 2-year college course. Moreover, his IQ is considered average at 105. As a result, while the defendant does have Asperger syndrome, his condition is not deemed as insanity.

ㅡ Court


Wang Suk Hyun’s agency released an official statement in December 2018 revealing that Wang Suk Hyun received a phone call from a person who was threatening his life.

Wang Suk Hyun requested an investigation with the Seongdong Police Station, who caught the man through public phone records and CCTV footage. It was revealed that the man was a fan and Wang Suk Hyun was forced to refrain from leaving his home due to the threats.

A’s first trial was held on January 24 where he acknowledged all of this charges and apologized for his behavior.

I got to know Wang Suk Hyun through the drama Can’t Live Without You and I wanted to be his friend so I went to his school and befriended him and got to know his phone number. After that, he betrayed me so I got mad and searched online about him and eventually even threatened him. I’m truly reflecting on my actions and am sorry. I was wrong.

ㅡ A




Source: Star News