Wanna One Daehwi’s Pants Ripped During His Sexy Dance Performance

Daehwi was really into the sexy dance…. so much, his pants ripped!

Wanna One‘s Daehwi had a bit of a mishap while he was performing a sexy dance with VICTON‘s Byungchan – his pants ripped from all his enthusiasm!

Daehwi appeared on an episode of Weekly Idol with VICTON and his Wanna One members.


During a dance game, where idols had to jump out and dance to random hit songs, VICTON’s Byungchan ran out and began dancing to Sunmi‘s “24 Hours”. Daehwi was called to join him, and the two began dancing oh-so-sexily together.


Byungchan and Daehwi grabbed each other’s shoulders and moved close, thrusting their hips – but then Daehwi stopped suddenly. He opened his legs too wide that he ripped his pants!


Daehwi was whisked off the floor by the hosts, who then tried to continue the game. When Daehwi told Jisung his pants had ripped, Jisung didn’t hesitate to grab a jacket to cover Daehwi’s crotch.


By now, everyone was laughing as Jisung said, “our maknae’s pants ripped!


Poor Daehwi was a bit embarrassed, all because he was super into the sexy dance!

Source: Dispatch

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