Wanna One in Discussions to Extend Promotion Period By 1 Month

Not all their agencies agree though.

In an exclusive report, Sports Seoul has revealed that there is a chance for Wanna One to have their contracts extended by 1 month into January 2019, in order to have the group attend year end award ceremonies and a final farewell concert.


Sports Seoul has reported that representatives from CJ E&M, Swing Entertainment, and the 11 member’s agencies, MMO Entertainment, Maroo Entertainment, Brand New Music, Fantagio, Cube Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, C9 Entertainment, and Star Crew Entertainment all met on July 23 to discuss a possible renewal.


The member’s agencies are all divided on the idea of an extension. While some agencies are okay with allowing their members to continue one extra month, other agencies are concerned as the 1 month extension will force them to change their post-Wanna One plans, which would begin in January. This is because they expected Wanna One’s promotions to end on December 31.


The agencies have even gotten to the point where there are heated discussions between all parties involved, on whether the original disbandment date of December 31 should be upheld, or if the contract should be extended. One possibility that was given was that only the members whose agencies agree to a contract extension promote in January.


Swing Entertainment has since confirmed they have held a meeting with all of the Wanna One member’s agencies, but nothing has been confirmed yet, as the members are focusing on their world tour.


Representatives from each of the parties involved will continue to meet and hopefully come up with an amicable solution.

Source: Sports Seoul and Xportnews

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