Wanna One’s Ha Sungwoon Praised By Charlie Puth For His “We Don’t Talk Anymore” Performance

Charlie Puth was amazed by Sungwoon’s talents!

Wanna One‘s main vocalist, Ha Sungwoon, caught the attention of popular singer-songwriter Charlie Puth for his cover performance of ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’!


A fan of Ha Sungwoon recently uploaded a video clip of Ha Sungwoon’s solo performance at the “ONE: The World Concert in Seoul”, where he performed a dance performance to Charlie Puth’s hit song.

“I always watch this. This was back when I went to their first concert in 6/1. I never imagined this from Sungwoon’s solo performance. He’s a main vocalist who made me lose my breath with his dance. 😭 Everyone in this whole world needs to see this. I hope Charlie Puth sees this ㅠ”

— @sum940322


The fan hoped Charlie Puth would watch Sungwoon’s performance as he completely took over the stage by himself.


Sungwoon cover performance was breathtaking as every one of his motions captivated the thousands of fans in attendance.


Well, the fan’s wishes for Charlie Puth and the world to see his performance came true because Charlie Puth not only watched his performance but was absolutely amazed by it!


And apparently Ha Sungwoon couldn’t believe Charlie Puth’s reaction either!

“Wow…. Omg….” — Ha Sungwoon


Just an everyday situation in the life of the amazing Sungwoon!


Watch Ha Sungwoon’s full cover performance below:

Wanna One