Wanna One’s Hwang Minhyun Criticized By NU’EST Fans For Changing Instagram Bio

Fans from all different sides have something to say about it.

With Wanna One’s contract coming to an end on December 31, 2018, the members of Wanna One are now allowed to use social media.


Fans noticed that Hwang Minhyun changed his bio from “L.O.V.E.” (NU’EST’s fanclub name) to “Hwang Minhyun” and he has received a lot of hate as a result.

Hwang Minhyun’s Instagram before.
Hwang Minhyun’s Instagram after.


Before Produce 101 Season 2 days, Hwang Minhyun’s original bio was “Hwang Minhyun” but changed it to his fandom name while on the show.


He then made it into Wanna One and was unable to change anything or upload a post due to their contract’s restrictions. The recent change back to his name, however, has upset several NU’EST fans.

  • “Are all of you okay? I’m not. Until now for Minhyun’s sake, for NU’EST’s sake I only say nice things. I didn’t complain once and worked hard to hold it all back. This is the first time I’ve been as hurt as I am today. I’m so upset I think I’m going to cry.”
  • “Though I understand, there’s nothing I can do about my upset heart.”
  • “Honestly, I’m not okay. The first thing he did was this. We held back so much for 1 year and a half but now I feel like breaking down. I thought I was the only one who was sad.”
  • “I also was able to hold on just because of that one thing. I guess I’m too narrow minded.”
  • “I’m having a hard time because he deleted ‘L.O.V.E.’ before even greeting us. Though I’m upset, we are LO.V.E. and we will support everything. Just believe that time is medicine.”


Korean fans also began to post about the situation, claiming that Minhyun shouldn’t be taking care of “those” fans and “those” members during such a special time — a moment where he is finally back to being a NU’EST member.

  • “I won’t say anything if you take care of those fans. Sure, you can follow those who were your members for 1 year and a half. No one can say anything against that. But at this period? At this timing?”
  • “Wah f**k that b**stard that didn’t write one fancafe post saying he’s back kekekeke it seems he has time to freshen up his Instagram. Is this the manners you always talked about? You’re so rude”
  • “While you were promoting, I stayed right here. I know you have fans there, and that’s fine. You don’t have to freeze your bio or following forever and I know you want to live in a bigger world but could you have chosen a better timing?”
  • “Those fans who always chanted his name at the end, are you watching!! You’ve been scammed!!”
  • “I just want to have 4 evening primroses from now on.”


Following a post about the situation on a Korean community site, netizen support for Minhyun began to flood in.

  • “[Pledis] is suing [hateful commenters] aren’t the L.O.V.Es who hated on him for changing his bio going to get caught?”
  • “What did Hwang Minhyun even do wrong? These stupid girls. Did you think that if Hwang Minhyun came back to NU’EST they would do better? Hwang Minhyun should just live off being a soloist. As a Wanna One member, he probably has his own thoughts as well. Can’t believe he’s being sworn at just for changing his bio. So pitiful really.”
  • “Please fangirl healthily. You’re like this over changing his name?”
  • “If you’re a normal fan, you should be happy Hwang Minhyun is back to Instagram. I just see kids whining over being jealous because he changed his bio and followed Wanna One members”.


International fans have explained that the initial change from “Hwang Minhyun” to “L.O.V.E.” was because he had become a NU’EST W fan during his time as a Wanna One member. The reason for his change back to Hwang Minhyun is because he is back to being a NU’EST member.

Source: Nate Pann
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