Wanna One Just Moved Into One of Seoul’s Most Expensive Apartments

They deserve this.

Wanna One has moved out of their dormitories and has been relocated to a luxury apartment in Yongsan, which is dubbed as one of the best spaces in the area!

The group was contracted to leave their dormitories by April, leaving YMC Entertainment to look for a new accommodation.

The exact suite in Yongsan was not revealed but these are the sample photos speculated to be of their new dormitory.

Considering the size of the group and their overwhelming popularity, many believe it’s the space they deserve.

The new space is located in Yongsan and the members will be housed in two suites that are 70-pyong each, approximately 231 square meters.

The agency was reported to have made a downpayment and already in the process of purchasing extra large beds and household items for the convenience of the members.

The apartment is at a prime location with easy access being the top priority to the agency. It is near the agency’s office in Itaewon and their shop in Gangnam. Comfortable facilities and a strong security system were also vital in choosing the space.

A big step from their previous accommodation!

Currently, Wanna One is focusing on entertainment programs and individual activities. They are set to make their comeback in March with the release of their new album.


Source: Dispatch