Wanna One’s Kim Jaehwan Sent An Emotional Message To Fans After Their Final Concert

My heart hurts so much right now!

Although the heartbreaking day has come for Wanna One‘s official disbandment, Kim Jaehwan‘s special message to fans makes the day a little brighter even if it does make you feel incredibly emotional!


Shortly after saying his final goodbye on stage as a member of Wanna One, Kim Jaehwan took to Instagram to post a very special message to all his fans. What started off with a feeling of nostalgia for the group…

“Hello, it’s Jaehwan. Our last concert has ended just like this and all the feelings are still lingering.”

— Kim Jaehwan


Soon blossomed into an incredible message to his fellow members and fans who walked the flower road with him.

“I really learned a lot promoting with Wanna One and I’ve grown up a lot too. The members who were together with me, and Wannables who were my strength, I sincerely thank you.”

— Kim Jaehwan


Jaehwan also asked fans to never forget Wanna One as they will never forget Wannables before he sent even more love to fans!

“We will never forget you and I hope that we will always stay a part of your memories. Please look forward to the future of Kim Jaehwan and don’t forget to cheer for the other members on their own paths. Thank you! I love you!”

— Kim Jaehwan


The sweet message feels like an emotional rollercoaster ride but Jaehwan just proved that even though Wanna One has disbanded, they will always be together!


Check out his post and message below:

Wanna One