Former Wanna One’s Lai Guanlin Draws Attention Online For Unchanging Handsome Visuals

“Wow his face is still the same but he became much more mature.”

It has been over four years now since Wanna One officially disbanded in December 2018, and each of the 11 members of the popular boy group have gone on to pursue careers in different fields. Earlier this month, we wrote about where each of the former members are now, from joining successful K-Pop groups to becoming soloists to pursuing careers outside of K-Pop completely.

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One of the former members that has seemingly left the K-Pop industry is Lai Guanlin.

Lai Guanlin in Wanna One

The Taiwanese former member of Wanna One originally joined a duo with PENTAGON‘s Wooseok under Cube Entertainment in 2019 after the temporary boy group had disbanded. They only released one EP, titled 9801, but aside from that, the label seemed to not promote Guanlin as an artist apart from holding a few fanmeetings that same year.

He ended up filing to terminate his contract with Cube Entertainment in July 2019, but it wasn’t until June 2021 that the court ruled in his favor and he was able to leave the label. At that time, he’d appeared in the youth drama Don’t Think About Interrupting My Studies, and he went on to continue pursuing a career in China once he was freed from Cube Entertainment.

Not only has Guanlin appeared in a couple of Chinese dramas, but he has also won multiple awards as a director for the film Winter & Spring Are Fighting. So, while he seems to have left a career in K-Pop entirely, he’s been quite successful in the film and television industry in China!

Recently, a post was made on a forum after a netizen wondered about what Guanlin was up to these days. They ended up sharing some recent photos of the former Wanna One member that show how much he has matured and become even more handsome in recent times.

Lai Guanlin now | Lai Guanlin
Lai Guanlin now | Lai Guanlin

He’s also fairly active on social media, such as Instagram, where he has nearly four million followers.

On the post, Korean netizens shared their appreciation for Guanlin’s unchanging handsome visuals.

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  • “Wow he just matured with the same face”
  • “He’s handsome”
  • “He was handsome from the beginning ㅎㅎ”
  • “He’s handsome”
  • “Where’s he active these days?”
  • “Wow”
  • “He’s good looking as usual”
  • “Wow, I searched for what he’s been up to now, and he released a movie in China as the director”
  • “Wow, a director?? He really lives life better than I do…”

International K-Pop fans shared their opinions as well.

We’re glad to see that it seems like Lai Guanlin is happy and successful with where his career led him!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa

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