Netizens Praise Wanna One Lai Kuanlin For Performing Through Wardrobe Malfunction

He finished the performance like the professional that he is.

Netizens have been praising Wanna One’s Lai Kuanlin for his professionalism during their performance at the 2018 MAMA FANS’ CHOICE in Japan.


During Wanna One’s performance, Lai Kuanlin had apparently suffered from a wardrobe malfunction but continued on throughout the performance without any hesitation.


Not long after the performance began, the idol’s pants had apparent ripped but instead of panicking, Lai Kuanlin continued the performance as if nothing had happened at all.


Fans were extremely proud of the idol for his professionalism and thanked him for pulling through with the performance.

  • “Lai Kuanlin’s performance has gotten better and he’s gained responsibility, he’s amazing.”
  • “I didn’t even notice that his pants ripped. Our maknae is really admirable. You did well, Kuanlin!”
  • “He must’ve been so upset…He’s really amazing for finishing the performance well.”
  • “It ripped almost from the beginning…If it were me, I would’ve run off the stage. Kuanlin has really become a professional. You did well. Those of you sexually harassing the poor kid are terrible.”


Meanwhile, some fans were furious a few IZ*ONE fans who made comments about Lai Kuanlin’s wardrobe malfunction that Wannables regarded as sexual harassment. Fans soon began trending the hashtag, #IZ*ONEFan_SexualHarassment_Apologize.


Moreover, a few BTS fans who poked fun at Lai Kuanlin’s incident also gave rise to the hashtag, #BTSFan_SexualHarassment_Apologize.


Other BTS and IZ*ONE fans have been apologizing in place of the fans in question while Wannables continue to demand apologies from the fans themselves.

Source: Pann Nate

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