Tickets To Wanna One’s Last Concert Reach Up To $12,500

Ticket prices are soaring.

The 80,000 advance-sale tickets to Wanna One‘s final concert became immediately sold out and the price of scalpers’ tickets are on the rise.


At 8 pm on December 26, tickets to Wanna One’s last concert, 2019 Wanna One Concert Therefore, completely sold out immediately after the tickets went on sale through Interpark. Despite the fact that only fan club members were allowed access to buy the tickets, “Wanna One concert” and the reservation website reached the top of the real-time search rankings and recorded the largest number of website visitors of all time.


As it is Wanna One’s final concert, making it that much more significant, the prices of scalpers’ tickets are soaring with some even adding up to 100 times the original price. The most expensive ticket reached up to 14 million won ($12,500 USD) followed by 10 million won ($8,900 USD), 9 million won ($8,000) and 6.9 million won ($6,100 USD).


Wannables, Wanna One fans, have been expressing their anger against the scalpers who are selling the tickets at unreasonable prices.

  • “Scalpers are butting in until the very last moment. Please let the desperate fans go.”
  • “How much are they getting for those tickets? Competition among fans are fierce enough, but now with these scalpers…”
  • “I’m seriously infuriated every time there’s a concert. They’re trying to use fans’ desperate hearts for money to the very last moment.”
  • “They’re really overdoing it. I wish they would catch them all and release the tickets as canceled tickets.”


Meanwhile, Wanna One’s last concert will be held from January 24 to 27 at the Gocheok SkyDome, where they first held their debut showcase. The general ticketㄴ will begin selling at 8 pm on December 27 through Interpark.

Source: Star Today

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