Wanna One Confess The True Story Behind Their Live Broadcast Controversy

They allegedly cursed profanity and crude jokes on live broadcast.

Back in March, Wanna One members were caught up in a controversy when they didn’t realize they were being filmed on live broadcast. Believing the camera to be off, the members began joking around. At certain points, netizens claimed that Ha Sungwoon and other members were cursing profanity and making crude jokes.


Half a year later, Wanna One members finally opened up to reveal the truth behind the controversy on an episode of Happy Together 4. Ha Sungwoon began by emphasizing once again that he was falsely accused of saying something he never said.

“We once had a controversy regarding a live broadcast. People misunderstood and claimed that I said things that I never said.

I was hurt. I couldn’t explain myself at the time or even come out with an excuse. I was planning on explaining myself later on.”

— Ha Sungwoon


However, the controversy spiraled out of control to the point that even his family members were hurt by it.

“I met my younger brother during the holidays. He told me that people gave him a nickname based off of the profanity. Friends around his age started calling him by the profanity word as a nickname.

I felt so apologetic to my brother. I vowed that I will one day explain my side of the story so that no one would hurt my brother again.”

— Ha Sungwoon


Lai Kuanlin confessed that the misunderstood word wasn’t Ha Sungwoon’s voice but actually his. His pronunciation was off, which made the viewers believe that the members were making crude jokes on live broadcast.

“The person who said the misunderstood word was actually me. My pronunciation wasn’t good at the time.

I was hyped up so my tone of voice was high. That’s why everyone thought it was [Sungwoon]. I didn’t say any profanity but I felt so sorry towards [Sungwoon].”

— Lai Kuanlin


Ha Sungwoon didn’t blame Lai Kuanlin. He considers the controversy a good opportunity to learn and grow from results.

“Nevertheless, it was our first controversy so we learned to become more careful in the future.”

— Ha Sungwoon


Ever the humble kings, Ong Sungwoo also added that they also admit that they did make many mistakes that day but hope the fans understand that the false claims were simply misunderstandings.

“We did make a lot of mistakes [that day], but something false became such a hot topic that the controversy went out of control.”

— Ong Sungwoo


Hopefully all of the misunderstandings could finally be put to rest so that none of the members or their family members could be hurt from false rumors.

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