News Report Releases Wanna One Members’ Future Plans After Disbandment

Here’s what the members are reportedly planning to do next.

With Wanna One‘s contract coming to an end with 2018, the group will hold their last concert and award ceremony appearances in January before disbanding the group. Having received a tremendous amount of love, many are wondering what each of the members will do after Wanna One.

One Korean news report listed out the plans of each member after the disbandment. As expected, many of the members who had already debuted with another group prior to Produce 101 Season 2 will go back to their groups.


Hwang Minhyun will be returning to NU’EST, where the remaining four members had been actively promoting as a unit called NU’EST W. The full group is reportedly planning to begin promotions in the first half of 2019.


A teaser for Hwang Minhyun’s was featured during NU’EST W’s recent concert. An insider claimed that the five members have been preparing diligently for Hwang Minhyun’s return. They only have to finish recording the new songs for their upcoming OT5 album.


Ha Sungwoon originally debuted with HOTSHOT before appearing on Produce 101. It remains uncertain if he will return to promote with HOTSHOT or pursue a solo career.


While Sungwoon promoted with Wanna One, the remaining members made a comeback with their new track, ‘I Hate You’. Other members of the group also received a lot of love through JBJ and The Unit.


Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin will reportedly return to Brand New Music to join their label-mates MXM (Im Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun) in forming the long awaited group, Brand New Boys.


Kang Daniel is expected to become the first of the members to debut as a soloist. Industry insiders have heard multiple rumors that Kang Daniel is preparing a solo debut as soon as Wanna One’s promotions are over. They expect he will debut as a performance dance soloist.


Yoon Jisung, who’s in the same label as Kang Daniel, will be enlisting in the military with the end of Wanna One. As the oldest member of the group (born in 1991), he will no longer be able to delay his enlistment.


As for Park Jihoon, Bae Jinyoung, Ong Sungwoo, Kim Jaehwan and Lai Kuanlin, they are all rumored to be debuting as soloists as well.

Insiders claim that Park Jihoon, Ong Sungwoo and Lai Kuanlin are looking to debut both as a soloist and an actor.


Although rumors run strong about the Wanna One members’ future plans, nothing has been confirmed by their individual agencies yet. All of the members will focus entirely on the remaining promotions of Wanna One until the end of January.

Source: Sports Donga

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