Wanna One Sasaeng’s Hotel Raid Goes Viral, Agency Declares No More Tolerance

“Please refrain from loitering 24+ hours in the lobby, gym, pool, restaurant, elevators, parking lot, and other hotel facilities…”

Wanna One is on a world tour, and while all should be fun and celebration, pictures of “Sasaengs (사생)” raiding the boys’ hotel have the fans concerned. The managing agency, Swing Entertainment, has released an official statement asking such “fans” to stop.

“Sasaengs” are so-called fans who are extreme in their behaviors as to get attention from their celebrities. These “sasaengs” do not mind violating privacy, getting physical, and causing everyone else inconveniences.


When an Instagram user uploaded a series of photos, revealing “sasaengs” following Wanna One members up close and personal on Hong Kong streets and even to their hotel rooms, fans became extremely upset.

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Swing Entertainment requested these “sasaengs” to quit harassing not only the boy group members, but everyone staying at the hotel.

“Hello, this is Swing Entertainment. Thank you for supporting Wanna One on tour. Unfortunately, during the tour, Wanna One members are affected by extreme fans who continuously violate the members’ privacies by coming on the same flight, using the same hotel, and harassing the members during breaks. This kind of behavior is also affecting the other guests using the hotel.”

— Swing Entertainment


The agency continued to explain that Wanna One is handling a tremendous amount of stress caused by these “sasaengs”.

“With each tour, the extremities grow and it is causing a high level of mental distress for the artists. The hotel where Wanna One members are staying is also in use by other guests. Please refrain from loitering 24+ hours in the lobby, gym, pool, restaurant, elevators, parking lot, and other hotel facilities, and from taking pictures or videos of the members at these facilities.”

— Swing Entertainment


Swing Entertainment claimed the “sasaengs” have become a safety concern as well.

“Also, please refrain from approaching Wanna One members without being aware of the surroundings. It has led to safety incidents… Following the artists’ vehicle is not only dangerous for the fans, but for the artists and other citizens. Please do not risk everyone’s safety.”

— Swing Entertainment 


Regarding the pictures of some “sasaengs” on the hotel floor, the agency denied its authenticity and confirmed that no such thing is possible.

“The hotel floor where Wanna One members are staying is guarded 24 hours with restricted access. There are security guards placed all over the hotel to make sure Wanna One members are safe at all times. We appreciate your concern for Wanna One and we assure you we are trying our best to make sure the members are safe and sound. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation for a successful world tour.”

— Swing Entertainment


Fans aren’t impressed with the statement, as it merely serves as a warning. Wanna One fans are asking the agency to become more strict when dealing with “sasaengs”.

  • “You might as well not tweet anything if this is your best way to address sasaeng behavior… when it comes to these things you’re the best example of all talk but no action.”

  • “Less talk, more action. Can you? What’s the point of showing us this long message? This has been done several times but where’s the change? You need to take legal action, do you understand, almighty swing?”

  • “You don’t even put in the effort to run this through a translator… What’s the point in writing this in Korean? They’re on a world tour. They’re not in Korea. The “sasaengs” probably won’t understand this.”

  • “Your understanding and cooperation…? But you yourself said the boys are stressed out. Asking for understanding and cooperation is the best you can do when the boys are this directly and severely affected?”

  • “You have been asking for their cooperation for more than one year now and do they give you any? Stop warning it’s just all bark but not bite. It’s your duty to protect your valuable artists at all cost. Pls do your job properly. Take legal action already!”

  • “Did Swing get money from these sasaengs or what? Why are they always so f*cking lenient with them?”
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